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I am – Fergie is a Meth Addict, Look at her Bra of the Day


I have some funny Meth stories about kids around here who used to smoke it in the park. They used to grind down lightbulbs using their skateboard grip tape until there was a little hole. Then they would smash out the black glass and the bottom of the bulb and pull out the element that makes the light bulb work. Then they would smoke the shit. I’d see them about 6 months later, a lot skinnier and sickly with their eyes buggin out of their heads. Talking to them was always funny because they were convinced that they were insanely productive and didn’t need sleep. They would brag about how they were up for 8 days and keeping busy. They’d lecture me on being a lazy pig cuz I would pass out drunk in front of them and they ran around in circles with all this fucking nervous energy until they got their next hit for the pipe. It was kinda sad but a lot a lot more annoying, because I hate high anxiety people. I can’t think of any of those funny stories of the meth kids, but I know they are in here.

In the meantime, check out Fergie from TRL. I have heard nothing but good things about this drug and Fergie is proof that it doesn’t ruin your life. She may look like a busted up tranny with AIDs but you all wanted to fuck her last year so fuck you for changing your tune. Homo.

PS – Two Finger Rings are Gangster and Peace Signs are Gay

PPS – I forgot what my PPS was going to be. But it probably had to do with me telling you to go fuck yourself and such…

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