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I am – stepINTERVIEW with the Guy in the Lohan Pics of the Day


Dear DJ Sam Young,

We’re going to do it like this, 10 questions all of which will be semi retarded, because let’s face it, I am not a journalist. You can answer them however you want, you don’t have to be funny, the fact that you are answering this is funny enough..

1- So what’s it like being the guy in the Lohan Pictures?

It was nice meeting LL, she has good taste in music ! Being that guy just means all the fake Lindsay’s try and add me on myspace, lol.

2- How does one become the guy in the Lohan Pictures?

Busting your balls for years DJing and good luck.

3- What does Lohan smell like?

She didnt smell of anything particular, but she was looking good.

4- So you’re a DJ, I am guessing you’ve seen your share of box…what’s the craziest thing a girl mashed out on MDMA and Cocaine did in a party you were playing at that involved her box…

Ive had my fair share of box action pussy, girls touching me up in the booth drunk and trying to kiss me to get a song etc. I dont do drugs but plenty of people have snorted in there. I actually havent had a BJ in the booth yet, that would be interesting.

5- Speaking of Vagina, if you could be any girl’s vagina for a day, who’s would it be?

I wouldnt wanna be a girls vagina thanks, I wouldnt want any cocks that near to me.

6- Are you the UK version of DJ AM?

Me and AM are different, but we do the same kind of parties. And if hes reading this, get your ass over to London.

7- Which celebrity are you going to get gastric bypass surgery for, drop 150 lbs, propose to marry and end up on her shitty reality TV show before she gets caught making out with Steve-O from Jackass, calling off the engagement and landing some Laguna Beach rich kid….leaving you broken and sad….

I dont need gastric bypass, they can get that shit for me ! And if I was dating a ‘celeb’ I wouldnt end up on her shitty show for publicity. She’d probably catch me fucking her best friend.

8- Do you think the chances of getting an STD are higher if you met the slut at a nightclub than if you meet her on the Internet?

The club whore for sure, cause if shes easily banging you shes no stranger to it. So wrap your tools.

9- I never get into clubs because I smell like urine and three year old semen as I haven’t had a boner in about 3 years. I want to know the top 5 DJs you hate and more importantly, can I be on permanent guest list to all the events you DJ?

To be on my glist I would suggest you wash and cut your pubes. I dont wanna mention my top 5 worse DJ’s as I dont wanna give them any free publicity ! Haha.

10- Since you’ve been so cool to us, feel free to write about whatever you are promoting here…and can you dance?

No worries, I have just set up my online record label Nod Factor which is being distributed by JUNO online.
Label will be launching soon, if you know anyone with some hot underground music get them to hit me up on myspace ! I can dance, but I have to rat assed drunk ! Its a shame, caus before I djed I was always dancing like I had MC Hammer in me.

Ps – Why do girls love djs?

Girls love DJ’s cause we are the centre of attention in the club and are good with our hands : )

PPS – Are you gay?

No, sorry to break your fantasy.

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