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I am – Fourth Lohan Stalker Post of the Day

I Am – Fourth Lohan Stalker Post Of The Day – video powered by Metacafe

I do this thing where I get my neighbor to call up Lohan and leave her a creepy message. The concept is for her to get a restraining order and get featured on Access Hollywood. Since I don’t really care for Lohan I got bored doing this and this is only my fourth one in the last 5 months, but at least it’s something.

On the positive side of things, this youtube competitor pays 10,000 dollars to anyone who get a 2,000,000 views on a video. I am 10,000 dollars in debt because I haven’t been paying my 500 dollar a month hosting. So pass this around to your friends, watching it 200,000 times because if all 10 of you do that, I’ll be in business for another couple of months.

The pictures in this stalker post are by Terry Richardson. He’s pretty much at the front of this whole American Apparel, Electro, Cocaine, Vice Magazine movement.I used to really dig his pictures of whores and drug kids and sleaze. Unfortunately, so does every 15 year old Jewish girl, making him a lot of money and getting him jobs with GQ but annoying the fuck out of me, cuz I am sleaze too and I am forced to beg you to watch my video 200,000 times to help me pay off my debt….and you aren’t even going to do it….an my site is going to be shut down…and that’s the story I heard…

This post is boring. I am going back to bed. It’s 11 am where I am. That’s too early for me. Enjoy your day at the office, at least it’s friday and at least you can afford toilet paper. Cuddles.

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