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I am – Hoping for the End of Celebrity Blogging of the Day

This is a video of cunt Perez Hilton getting served a Cease and Desist by SplashNewsOnline, a Paparazzi/Photo Agency. I have issues with both the bloggers and the paparazzi. It is hard not to hate the success a fat, lazy, ugly gay man like Perez has achieved. He is making over over $25,000 a month off a shitty blog that probably costs him nothing to run, while I sit here producing the best content on the internet according to me for $300 a month…but that’s not the point, the point is that I don’t understand his appeal but I don’t feel like talking about it, it just upsets me. I guess the only good thing about what he has done is that the assholes who run the paparazzi agencies are losing money. These fuckers run after people like ME when we stumble across their pictures on the internet and post them. One agency called x17 sent me threatening emails like this:

We’re asking that everyone cease and desist using X17’s images, watermarked or not, effective immediately. We’ve gotta get some traffic out of our Britney story….
….we’re losing money, guys!

This means no Britney pix unless you email first and we’ll decide on a case-by-case basis.


why the mean message? If you think we’re fuckers, I’m happy to start sending the cease and desist letters


Jesus, jesus! — you do not have the right to use our images in any postings on You Tube or on any site other than your own. We have given blogs the extremely generous use of our image in exchange for links to our site on each image. We do not condone the use of our images for any other purpose without licensing the images for such use. Don’t forget — we’re a photo agency — our business depends on selling our images. I will contact You Tube and ask them to remove your videos that include our images.


If you do not agree to our terms of use, we will invoice you and take you to court if you don’t pay the invoices. You chose … I’ve got plenty of money to waste on legal fees


You aren’t even one of the top ten people to link to us — you’ll hear from our lawyer next — we offer you a great deal if you want to link to us. The fact that our pix are all over the internet doesn’t make what you’re doing legal. You can work with us by our rules or you can stop using X17 images. We may not have given you a link yet, but we’re giving you free pictures! What would you site be without all the images you steal from the internet every day … You really have to think about what you’re doing — I think we’ve been pretty nice.

They hate the fact that we release shit they sell the rights to for 1000s of dollars to magazines days/weeks before those magazines go to print. They hate that we make the magazines who fuel their lives obsolete and that we use their “hard” work for free. What I guess they don’t understand is that what they do is worse than stealing a person’s pictures and posting them. They try to steal a person’s privacy, they stalk, follow and sell images of people they don’t even know. This shit is fucking criminal. I know it may seem hypocritcial that I am here posting paparazzi bullshit everyday, but I only do it because it’s available. If it wasn’t, I’d find other things to talk about. I am crafty like that.

I guess what I am saying is that I’d love to see both parties go bankrupt. I’d love to see Perez’s 6 months of fame dwindle into the sewer that is his life….and I’d love to see the cunts making more money than me stalking go bankrupt because all this celebrity obsession is pretty fucking pathetic. I think you need to start focusing on your own useless life and sorting it out than worrying about what penis is in Lohan’s numb from cocaine mouth.

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