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I am – More Keisha Buchanan Bikini of the Day


I am being accused of being a racist because of my black guys dancing like monkeys like I was watching the nature channel. I am not actually a racist, I watch Oprah, real racists HATE Oprah. I admit that I do make fun of everything, but when I am at a bar and the only people on the dance floor were black dudes dancing like they were doing some tribal hunting dance, I feel the need to report back to you. If I was in a club and a bunch of white guys were doing the same arm swagger air humping, I’d write about that…so stop sending me emails about how I am a piece of shit racist and just try to visualize what I saw becuase it was funny. That said, I was drunk all weekend and I don’t think anything funny really happened. IT’s 5 pm, most of you fuckers are leaving work and I am just getting started….

I figured what better way to start the week of this non-racist site than to post pics of Keisha Buchanan from Sugababes a UK music group in Miami, in her bikini, next to some topless chick…because I don’t discriminate when it comes to bikini pics, especially when that bikini is a thong bikini.Cuddles.

PS – I heard some dude is bribing Oprah…what’s up with that…doesn’t he realize that she is a savior to our generation…I’m talking feeding the African Aids Babies and giving them shoes…proving that it pays to have Aids when Oprah’s in the room…amongst other things. I guess I’ll go google that while you look at these pics. Pervert.

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