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I am – Kate Moss Topless in Thailand of the Day


I was going to save these and post them with an actual post. I drank a 26er of vodka and I can’t sleep. It’s 6 am and I’ve decided that I am going to be a star. That said, even if it doesn’t pan out for me, at least you’ve got some shitty Kate Moss topless in thailand pics. This post is short, but so is my 6 am drunken attention span. Cuddles.

I was going to make a joke about how her little titties are perfect for thailand because thailand is a pedophile’s hangout but decided that was a stupid joke, even in this stupor, then I was going to talk about how her friend’s tits hang to the ground like her nipples are trying to feel the beach sand underneath their nipple feet but the small titties don’t give them the distance they need, but realized that was a worse joke. Fuck you. I don’t see you working at 6 am sunday morning after drinking a 26er of vodka. This is commitment.

Either way, I am in love with Kate Moss….

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