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I am – Tricia Helfer in Playboy of the Day


I have no idea who this bitch is, but shes in some kind of show that you virgins have probably seen and have posters of in your room. It’s not your fault you like space, a depressing life on Earth is always better when fantasies of Alien chicks who would actually let you stick your dick in their 4 alien cunts is a nice escape from the fat chick who lives next door rejecting you when you asked to take her out for ice cream….and we all know that all fat chicks LOVE ice cream… I don’t really have more more to say about this, other that I’ve got her Playboy pics, so click the fucking link before Playboy’s asshole lawyers contact blogger and get the shit shut down, because that’s what they do.

Check out the rest out by CLICKING THIS LINK

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