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I am – Mena Suvari Topless Beach of the Day


Here’s a little Mena Suvari topless beach action, if showing off your nipple constitutes being a topless beach. I mean in all reality I fills a bra better than she does. I am convinced that if I went to the local public pool they would ask me to keep my shirt on as to not scare the kids, but I will never know because going to the public pool is something I will never do.

Anyway, I am a fan of small tits, my friend was telling me that he finds small tits sexier because it’s hard to find a set of big tits that fall properly. Most girls with big tits have fat tits and fat tits come with a fat tits and fat tits have nipples that aim to the ground, where small tits usually come with a tight upper body, a hot little ass and nice perky nips that aim to the sky…unless you get those freaky fat girls with no tits that make no sense to me or to science because for some reason they can pack on their burger king weight every square inch of their 300 LBS body, but she can’t break past her A cup.

All this to say that Mena Suvari, topless or not, dates half black dudes and still kinda looks like the alien she played in American Pie. I can’t fucking handle her lesbian gym teacher shorts, not because I am a fag and care about what a bitch is wearing, but because those are the kinda shorts you find on Mountaineering bitches in canoes who don’t shave their cunts. I’d still bang her, but I have no standards and I’d be doing it in attempts to get to some red carpet events or the Teen Choice Awards, because she may not have a career or a name but she’s got more hook-ups than me and the Teen Choice Awards is kind of a dream… It’s Sunday and I really delivered the goods this weekend, I should be famous by now and you should thank me, but you won’t so fuck you.

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