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I am – Dita Von Tease Scares Me of the Day


Dita Von Tease is disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, I was at the strip club tonight and I seem to go there at least once a week because it’s cheap. The last 4 times that I have been there, I’ve seen this group of fat chicks in the audience. One week they just watched then the next week they mustered up the courage to stick a couple bucks in their mouths and lie and stage, but the fattest of the fat chicks was too scared and ran off pissed off that her friends were having all the fun and she was just fat…anyway tonight was her big break, she got on stage and laid back, belly stickin’ out during a stageshow and the stripper grabbed her money and the fat bitch was probably feeling sexy for the first time in her life, then the stripper walked away and the fat girl walked off stage probably thinking she could have used that 5 dollars on a box of donuts instead of embarrassing herself in front of a room full of people….but I guess since I am a nice guy, it’s ok for people to live their dreams even if their dreams are as small minded as being a stripper when they are probably too fat to wipe their asses….

Point of the story is that I don’t think Dita Von Tease deserves the love she gets, it’s like she was a fat girl with 5 dollars between her teeth, when in reality she’s just a pale bitch with saggy used up titties…Here are those pics…

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  • Shannon

    Fuck off you cock sucking ass hole. People like you should die and not even go to hell because you don’t even deserve to belong to a group of individuals that may possibly like you (like the devil or Santa Clause) I hope you get AIDS and die a horrible painful long death. You need to get a life and stop heating on girls you can’t get with.