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I am – Rachel Hunter Bikini Pics of the Day


Rachel Hunter in a Bikini is something I hold close to my heart. In 1989 she was in a Sports Illustrated 20th Anniversary special and was one of the girls who rocked a sheer bathing suit. This was a time before porn was as available as it is today and I was about 20 at the time and stole it from my Neighbor. I think that video saw more of my seed than my wife ever has….It was a different era.

Speaking of seed, Rachel Hunter was married to Rod Stewart, she filled his tall blonde model of a woman mold that he seems to live by, and he filled her with his seed. I have a specific type of woman too, and that’s one who has genitals, or anything that can double as a vagina, but I have no standards…..

Speaking of no standards, this bitch may be washed up, but I’d still giver he a piece of my massive flacid peen and by massive I mean buried in my cardiovascular disease candidate of a gut.

The positive in all this is that she looks nothing like his daughter who looks like her face was run over by daddy’s Bentley in between ripping lines of supermodel pussies and writing shitty music.

This post may or may not sound like every other post I’ve written, but I don’t have enough brain capacity to try to come up with funny on a daily basis….

Here are the pics….

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