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I am – Britney Spears Fat Ass of the Day


Here are pics of Britney at the grocery store, probably the last place she should be hanging out based on the current state on her fat ass.

Point is, that I may comment on Britney’s ass but I get my share of comments making me a lot like Britney Spears and the idiots writing into me are a lot like me commenting on Britney’s ass. This is an email that I got….It’s a pretty hard read cuz the girl who wrote it is obviously retarded but still funny.


Wow..ok. Is that all yu comment on..female innadequacies…figures..and/or the lack thereof?

You seem to be slightly angry..yur comments..and most of what yu emulate..from the short perusal on yur website..there is indeed an inderlying ..resentment and/or anger that permeates… . .

Why else would one spend quite a bit of time critiquing as yu do…

You say yu are overweight.. .

It has been my observation that plp with weight issues tend to project this hatred of themselves unto the world and other people.. . Maybe..let’s say..as yu do..by critiquing… .

Well..I wish yu all the best ..and indeed..i might be extrapolating and assuming alot..and so be it.. .

I wish yu all the best and good luck with all yur current and futur endeavours.


Thanks Lorna for your amazing insight….Point is that I may dis these girls, but I’d still fuck all of them, but I have no standards and no working penis, which could be the source of all that anger you read in my posts…..Now look at Britney’s fat ass….

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