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I am – Brittany Murphy Does Ballet of the Day


Brittany Murphy’s highlight of her career was when she spat on her hand in 8-mile to lube herself up right before Eminem raw dogged her. My stepdaughters went through a black phase and my wife bought them that DVD for Christmas. The reason I say that was her highlight of her career is because it’s the only thing I remember her ever doing, except I kinda remember she was doing Ashton Kutcher for a while before he left her for the old lady. What it comes down to is that she’s pretty useless. Like this post…

The reason I am posting these pics is because she is doing ballet and ballet dancers are fuckin’ sluts. I am probably not really an expert on this shit, but when I was living at a halfway house I met this eastern european coke fiend who was classically trained ballerina. Every night different men would be coming in and out of her room and she just loved getting fucked. She had a intensity that only communist Russia can give a person and when she’d walk around in her little ballet outfit and shoes and talk about her trainer who used to make her stand on her toes for hours naked while he jerked off, I couldn’t help but love the commitment and discipline that made her compulsive in her drinking, drugs, eating and sex. She was the greatest dominatrix I ever knew and unfortunately for all of us, Brittany Murphey looks like a boring, knock-off, ditch pig of a ballerina compared to my girl Olga. I wonder where she is now.

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