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I am – Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape of the Day

So the video is starting to hit the internet pretty fucking quick, which is what was expected. When I posted this story the other day, everyone started sending in emails to me asking for clips and by everyone I mean one of my readers but since there are only 10 of you, 1 email holds lots of fucking weight, a lot like Kardashian’s fat titties and ass. I told that person that things would start to hit by friday and I was right, it’s all basic marketing, something I have no concept of, since I only have 10 readers. That’s not really the point, the point is that I was drinking scotch all night and I am writing this with one eye shut to focus on the screen. I am excited for the weekend cuz I am tired of looking at this fucking screen…Especially now that I’ve seen bitch’s floppy tits and getting fucked like it was the Nature Channel. It is 5 am and this is my only post tonight. Don’t blame me, blame the booze cuz I need sleep motherfuckers.

If the videos are taken down overnight, here’s where I got them from…I like to call them Kim Kardashian, Makin’ Daddy Proud….

Kim K Uncensored Sample
Kim K Fuck Video Preview

Kim K Uncensored Sample
Kim K Fuck Video Preview

An uncensored sample of the tape. (30 seconds)
Fuck video preview (29 seconds)

Bonus – Some TMZ Shit…

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