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I am – Ashley Olsen Vacation Bikini Pictures of the Day


These are pictures of Ashley Olsen on Vacation. I thought her entire life has been a vacation, but I only say that because I am bitter that she’s a billionaire and I am sitting here eating canned corn kernels at 6 am. I guess it’s all okay because she’s looking pretty hot. It could be the blurred pictures and it could be that I haven’t had sex in at least 10 months and I could be distracted by her wallet, but all I see is a tight body in compromising positions and I like it. I always found these bitches looked like weird alien sluts who weren’t sluts cuz they never openly got fucked like Paris Hilton, but I can only assume they’re cunt’s have seen their fair share of dick.

That’s not the point. The point is that I was offered a free night at the stripclub and I turned it down. Mainly because it’s Monday night and I am cold and lazy, but also because I like to keep people guessing. I guess that’s what these girls are doing too…..It looks like she’s in her panties and I am pretty fucking drunk so for all I know she could be wearing pants….

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