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I am – Britney Spears Clubbin’ in a Bikini of the Day


The site went down last night at 4 am. I don’t think it had anything to do with my fucking with the server, even though I am a fucking idiot. I figured out how to revive the shit after about an hour. When the site normally goes down, I get all fucking emotional, like the world is out to get me, like nothing ever works out, like no matter how hard I try I will still only get 15 readers. Last night, I didn’t even give a shit. I was drunk and smoking a cigar any maybe I realized what the important things in life are, like getting drunk and smoking cigars. I got everything back up at 6 am and had these pictures in my inbox.

I was too exhausted to post them then, but I am posting them now. I like to call Britney in the club in a bikini my inspirational pictures of the week, because at least I am not her, even though I would do her, and would probably love my life if I was her….What it comes down to is that all girls in bikinis in clubs are hot, even the fat ones, I guess it’s because of the lighting…or in this case because of her massive breast feeding tits…or because I just read about how much of a slut she is, not that I didn’t already know, having 2 kids by 25 makes me think to myself that bitch takes loads up in her and I fucking love sluts…I also like that fact that she’s out acting like a frat girl, getting wasted and puking all over the motherfucker while her babies are sleeping at home with the nanny. It’s like she’s rich enough to have her own kids but not have to bother with them, so that they are only around when she’s available for them. I think that’s how modern parenting should be. You know, live for yourself not not for the little assholes you made, because making them doesn’t mean you signed up for a boring suburban life. Most people look down on Britney for this shit, K-Fed just wants custody to get into her wallet and the rest of you are just jealous that at 5 am, you aren’t doing body shots off people but instead are changing your little fucker’s diapers, or even getting sleep to wake up and go to your shitty job to pay for little fucker’s college education…Either way, here are the pics…

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