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I am – Christina Milian’s Boots of the Day


I don’t know when these were taking, but whenever a bitch rocks these thigh high boots I have no choice but to post them. Some of my favorite lap dances came from bitches rockin’ these, I went through a phase when I was into that kinda of stripper. I am talking textbook stripper. If you don’t know what I mean, you gotta spend more time in a strip club, but I will break it down like this, you have textbook strippers who have the shitty cheap lingerie and boots like these on, fake tits and plastic lips. They walk around the club like they are celebrities and they you owe them a favor even when you pay them for a dance. They are lazy and uninteresting to watch, but for some reason if they aren’t in the club, you leave feeling ripped off. The other strippers are young chicks who date black drug dealers who tell them to strip cuz they want their gfs to be strippers, it suits their lifestyle and makes them feel like they are hip hop, or single mom’s, addicts trying to fuel their addiction, or the rare girl who claims she’s a student and plays the cute angle, sometimes there’s the goth chick and sometimes theres the failed dance student who couldn’t make it cuz her tits were too big. Either way, these boots bring back some memories of me wasting the little money I have and I just burnt my lip with my cheap cigar I can’t afford. I blame you…

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