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I am – Lohan Pantyhose of the Day


Pantyhose fetishes make me laugh. I was talking to some girl the other day and asked her for nude pics. She told me that she didn’t do nudes and that she only takes pics for her internet boyfriend, a guy who I wasn’t. Since she refused to send the pics she already had because she felt like she would be wronging some dude she was internet dating and internet in love with from across the country, I asked her to describe them to me, kinda like my whole describe your Vagina and decribe it in 10 words or less scam. It was just an easy way to know what was going on down there, and this was an easy way to find out how dirty this girl was…she told me that dude was only into pics of her from the waist down in pantyhose and socks from all kinds of angles. I was couldn’t figure out how that was hot, even though I am a pervert and anything that is a girl is hot, except maybe my wife (even on a good day). Needless to say, I blocked and deleted this girl because our internet affair would only end up in pics like these pics of Lohan, which I know are 4 days old and that I linked to in my stepLINKS 4 days ago. Asshole. I am pretty aware of how bad I am at blogging. Cuddles.

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