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I am – Antonella Barba’s Slutty Pics of the Day


It’s sunday and my site is fucking garbage. It’s not working at all. I think it’s crashed 10 times in the past 12 hours and I don’t know how to fix it cuz I am an idiot.

Speaking of idiots – here are some updated pics of Antonella Barba from some site that is exploiting her and tagging the shit out of the pics crying for traffic and recognition like most sites do. She is the American Idol Slut who I want to see win because to me she represents every girl in the USA today, showin’ their tits to the world wishing and dreaming of one day being famous…

I am hungover it is 4 pm and I was on webcam chat til 7 am today, it was more interesting that crawling into bed with my wife. Sunday’s is the morning she sleeps in so I do what I can to stay the fuck away as long as possible. I’d like to thank my new Hungarian webcam sluts for making it happen and to reader number 12 for gaving me a free password. My life may not be amazing, but it’s better than yours, which isn’t saying much. Fuck yourself and fix my site. Cuddles..

Here are her blowjob pics…. GO

Update – Those Blowjob Pics aren’t her….

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