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I am – Lohan’s Cocaine Face and Pants off Party….of the Day


Starting to write after spending the last 3 days drunk and away from the computer is always a pain in the fucking ass. It’s probably not as bad as your shitty life but I still feel like I have to come to this site and post useless shit, even when I don’t have to. I guess it’s OCD, but I like to think of it as a distraction from all the other shit in life that sucks…Like trying to keep track of Lohan’s drug use.

The story is that the top picture here shows white powder near her ear, because everyone knows that addicts like to huff the bag using their fucking ear. Reality is that I could care less what her fucking vice is. She’s not a real role model to kids anymore, she’s not advertising that she’s got herpes and takes it up the ass for cocaine and we’re all allowed to have our own fucking lives. There was a time that I worked as a Santa at the mall during the christmas season and I’d come home and drink with whores and do dirty fucking things but when I’d show up at the job the next day, I was fucking Santa Claus to the kids and didn’t advertise that I got a girl pregnant in her ass the night before….

The real interesting thing in these pics is that Lohan’s got no pants on and a Girl with no pants is a girl for me, even if her leotard dress/shorts thing makes her look like she’s 6 months old and learning to crawl, cuz it’s that whole “she’s already in the right position” analogy…

I don’t really know where I am going with this, just look at the pics and pretend I am not here.

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