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I am – Renee Zellweger Knows She’s Ugly and Plays Football To Prove It of the Day


I had this genius idea about ugly chicks being great for your self confidence because they love the way anyone fucks them so if you get with one, you’ll hear about how you changed her ugly fucking life even if you have no penis, they just like to get hugged and feel another person’s touch on their lonely body…but I forgot the whole joke behind the post and realized that you can’t even land ugly chicks and if you could you’d be all up in that shit just to drop the virgin tattoo on your forehead that you don’t think anyone can see…but we can…Anyway, what I was trying to say is that fucking an ugly chick never boosts self esteem because having to fuck an ugly chick to get the positive feedback from the ugly chick is usually a low fucking point, even if you get to cum in her ass, that you have to live with forever and the damage done to yourself by banging her is NEVER outweighed by the great feedback you get when she’s outside your window calling your name, begging for you to be inside her again, at 4 am, waking up all your fucking neighbors.

That said, Renee Zellweger is an ugly chick and has been from before she won an Academ Award for Legally Blond or whatever the fuck she was in and that’s the point of this post. I guess for her sake I hope that football hits her in her ugly chick face so that they have to operate and when they do let’s hope they give her some fucking eyes because she is scaring me.

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