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I am – Jenny Powell Bikini Pictures of the Day


I have no idea who Jenny Powell is and that means I have no idea when these pictures were taken but I do know that I like girls in bikinis, or any bathing suit for that matter, but that’s because I am a pervert. I remember a long time ago while sitting by a pool I snuck into, four 300 pound women came in wearing their old lady one pieces and looking a complete fucking disaster but clearly had a love for donuts. There skinny friend who was rocking a tight revealing bikini came running up behind them, she was about 250 pounds. I like that she felt like she had the right to dress sexy cuz she was so skinny compared to the people she hung out with, when in reality, bitch shoulda been in a table cloth covering her disgustingness up. Here’s Jenny Powell.

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  • Torquemada

    She’s a British TV presenter.

    Trust me – You Would.

  • Kate Moss could have been very successful had she not been so addicted to drugs.”,