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I am – Nell McAndrew In Fitness Gear of the Day


This is a photocall for the London Marathon, because this bitch is from London and has run the Marathon before, and since most british people are chain smoking fat people who eat fried foods or in the USA living the Hollywood dream, they have a limited amount of people to choose from to be their poster girl for the event….

For those who don’t know, Nell McAndrew was a Page 3 girl, then she became the model for Lara Craft then lead her to a lucrative career in Playboy and shitty reality shows.

This post was probably the most informative one in a longtime, see I can use google if I want to, but I need a good reason, like why some bitch in spandex is making the news who I had never heard of.

I have a thing for girls in workout gear, I’ve written that it is my new porn over and over again and that is mainly because my wife is fat and the closest thing she has to fitness gear is a pair of elastic waisted pants that slowly get tighter the more and more she eats. Being fit is something I look at as fantasy because my reality is so obese, even if the bitch working out is just posing and not really breaking a sweat, it’s better than nothin’.

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