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I am – Taryn Manning Poolside of the Day


You know what makes me happy….seeing a celebrity bitch who looks like every crackwhore I’ve ever fucked. I’m talking about the cold sore, ratty prison tattoos, a busted up face that looks like it’s been cum on at least a dozen times a day the last 4 years while smoking crack and drinking heavily, a body that looks like it hasn’t been fed in the last 2 weeks, but for some reason the skin still hangs off and roles like a fat whore who likes to eat donuts and a cunt that looks bigger than my dick which isn’t saying much but I am still a dude and girls shouldn’t pack that much meat, unless they work at the grocery store. She’s too broke to afford a fucking bathing suit but since bitch is crafty she stole a pair of her last clients underwear, knowing that a day at the pool was coming up. I guess the real highlight of these pictures is that the dude she’s fucking is splashing pool water all playful and shit, pretending he’s not trying to wash/disinfect/and get rid of the smell that burns his tongue when he goes down on her.

Here is Taryn Manning at the pool, she’s just an ordinary girl like you and me…except I am not a girl and you just wish you were but can’t afford the operation, hurtbag. The other difference is that she hangs out with fat chicks and I married one so being seen with one in public just isn’t how I am living….I just sleep with them…

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