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I am – Fran Drescher Bikini Pics of the Day


Here are some pictures of Fran Drescher in a bikini. I know that you used to get off to her laugh, imagining it was the sound she made while cumming back when she was on the nanny and had a way tighter body than she does now, but it was 10 fucking years ago and it’s time for you to accept the fact that people get older and fatter but their laugh stays the fucking same, or at least i assume it does.

I am one of those guys that drops washed up crushes like last week’s kitchen garbage, usually when last week’s kitchen garbage is more attractive than my crush has become. I am also convinced that last week’s kitchen garbage smells better than this old slag does, but I will never know because Fran Drescher was never a celebrity I wanted to stalk, sleep with or jerk off to.

I did once know a guy that used to think this bitch was hot as fuck and only hire hookers who looked like her. Dude used to always sleep with hookers, but was emotional and would fall in love with them. For months at a time he’d commit to only one girl and only get with her like hey were fucking married, he’d get so fucking attached to them, that they’d usually have to get a restraining order on him when he would get violent with them for “cheating” on him with other Johns. That’s go nothing to do with these pics, but he did think Fran Drescher was hot and so do you, so maybe you are him. Hi.

Point of this post is that bikini or not, she’s got a huge dumpy ass that no matter how old you are you could at least try to eliptocycle off before dressing like this, it’s embarrassing for all of us involved. I got no issue with fat chicks, just when they dress in things I usually like lookin’ at, polluting my brain and ruining all the fun for the next few times I see a black bikini on anyone. When they only sell your bikini size at the big and tall store, it means you’re too big and tall to be sporting one. Real bikinis don’t come in this size. That’s the story I heard….But other than the mental scarring and the annoying laugh, I am sure she’s lovely….Cuddles.

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  • Current User

    That is one fine ass….GROW UP!!!!!

  • anonymous

    NICE ASS for a 50 y.o.

  • Uncle Jeffy

    That ass makes me hungry! Gimme a bite!!!