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I am – Amanda Harrington Bikini Pics of the Day



I don’t know who Amanda Harrington is, but her pictures from today are hitting the internet faster than herpes are spreading in hollywood. So I am sure you’ll figure out who she is soon enough. She has fake tits a decent body, so if you’re into chicks in bikinis this one’s for you. I guess not knowing who she is won’t change anything, since everytime you’ve ever seen a girl in a bikini in person, you never got to know her name, since you are pretty shitty at talking to chicks, but that didn’t stop you from jerking off to them

Speaking of jerking off, a reader sent in this email:

Since I’m at home a lot working from my home office I tend to search the web for porn. I guess you are all assuming I’m a male, but in fact I have a pretty vagina. I’ve been on a mad hunt for internal cum shot porn, however those are few and far between. I wanted to propose the idea to my boyfriend about making some videos, because I like it so much. Do people like this kind of pom, or am I some kind of freak that just subconciously wants to get knocked up? Could you do a poll with your readers to see how many of you out there like this kind of thing?

I so desperately want to see more cum in her ass action.


I guess it’s my duty to put this shit out there, so if one of you 4 people who comments have anything to say about this…Go for it now. Cuddles.

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