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I am – Posh Spice Has a Huge Hard Nipple of the Day


Victoria Beckham has really big nipples and since I am a pervert I figure I should post them. I once knew a girl with inverted nipples and that shit freaked me out. The whole time I was banging her, I dreamt about real nipples like this and I think that bitch tarnished me for life, making me drawn to this kind of thing, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I met a girl this weekend who I told I wasn’t interested in meeting because I don’t like knowing people and she told me that we had met before about 5 years ago and I made fun of her shoes. She remembered me from 2002 and has hated me since so I learned a little lesson about consequences and how one drunken night can change a person’s opinion of you and make them hold a grudge against you for many fucking years.l I saw that movie with Adam Sandler, where the dude from highschool was putting on lipstick plotting against those who wronged him and I always thought that I was that guy. It turns out that I was completely wrong, like Beckham’s plastic surgeon who accidentally put a penis up on her tits, but that doesn’t mean you should be a dick to people, because I think your legacy should be a nice one. People should remember you as the guy who everyone liked and not the guy who ripped everyone a new assholes. The point of the story is that you want to be Posh Spice’s nipples before the surgery, you don’t want to be the bi-product that people like me get off to. There’s a lesson in everything. Just call me the professor….

To see Posh Spice Covering Her Nipples With Pasties

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  • carol

    If I had nipples like hers I’d sure enough show them off!!! Great Tits

  • best nipples in the world !

  • mark

    i just cummed over these pics

  • Jay J

    If inverted nipples freaked you out , why did you keep her? Personally, if I had turned people off I would like to be told . I mean, wouldn’t you want to find someone who makes you happy 100 % ?

  • tobad

    HAHAHA, ur right inverted nipples r freaky and carol ur slut but u seem nice maybe we should hook up whats ur #

  • Thank you for the blog post. It was a really good read..