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I am – Samaire Armstrong's Gotta Be Knocked Up of the Day


Samaire Armstrong is hiding her stomach like she just hit up the snack bar harder than her man banged her without a condom because people in Hollywood don’t use condoms even when they are on the lowest wrung of the fame ladder and their only real claim to fame was a stint on the OC that lasted a couple of episodes. That said, I am pretty sure that she’s preggers and decided to keep the baby, unlike her Hollywood counterparts who opt for the in home abortion, like Lohan since it is the most effective form of birth control…

Either way, I think it’s funny when people make their insecurities so obvious. I was walking down the street today and came across a woman in a white tank top with no bra and erect nipples. I wouldn’t have even noticed her, because when I leave my house I don’t really notice anything. But she kept trying to awkwardly cover her tits as much as she could as she talked to a woman, but ended up drawing more attention to her tits than she should have….which wasn’t a good thing, considering she was in her 60s, not that that would ever stop you.

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