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I am – Rosario Dawson on the Beach in Cannes of the Day


How’s this for fucking boring. Rosario Dawson who is a big breasted girl who I want to see in a bikini or naked is at the beach. Only her kind of beach involves not wearing a fucking bikini and some summer dress that reminds me of hanging by the pool at the luxury Old Folk’s home I used to do the landscaping at….

The highlight of these pictures are when the summer dress rides up her ass like it was her thong, but even that makes these pics not worth posting. But having no editorial standards and being lazy has left me no choice but to follow through…a lot like how Rosario Dawson didn’t pull through in these pics…

Point of the story is that seeing a girl with great potential not pull through on the beach by wearing what is equally as bad as a snowsuit is like running into your highschool valedictorian and learning he’s become a crackhead, it’s like finding out the hottest girl who you wanted to bag all your life got fat, it’s like finding out that you are adopted, it’s like finding out that your girlfriend has been sleeping with your best friend the last 2 years of your relationship, it’s like having a one night stand the night you lose your virginity and finding out you got AIDS, it’s like

It’s safe to say it’s one of life’s great disappointments….and bitch isn’t even that hot…it’s just the principle….

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