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I am – Brooke Burke Bikini Pics of the Day


Brooke Burke just had a kid recently and she looks pretty fucking tight. When the girls I know get knocked up they usually end up at an abortion clinic because pregnancy is bad for business in the whore ring, even though some people dig it. The other women I know who have kids are usually at that point in their life where they don’t need to seduce anymore. They are settled down and ready to raise a family and don’t give a fuck what they look like anymore. It just means the bad habits they made while eating whatever the fuck they wanted while pregnant stick and a life of getting fatter and fatter is to follow, always blaming the miracle they created for their demise without actually admitting that part of them resents their little babies…

Brooke Burke is pretty much the opposite of that. She looks fucking awesome, and feel like her whole baby thing was a publicity stunt and a pillow under her shirt because this body isn’t fucking normal after having a kid. But if I am wrong and that she did actually drop life into this world via her hot box, it just means that she’s no virgin and that she takes loads in her….and with a body like this…that’s a pretty nice thought….

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