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I am – Sharon Stone Topless Pics of the Day


So here are some pictures of a slut your grandmother’s age topless on the beach. The thing I like about older chicks is they are a little more liberal with their vaginas than younger girls. It’s like they are overcompensating for being haggard and trying to hold onto the dream that all the younger girls are living. I guess that usually means they fuck harder and dirtier, they dress sluttier and talk sluttier and act sluttier behind closed doors too. They are the kind of girls who shove 2 dildos in their asses instead of one. It’s probably easier for Sharon Stone to be topless considering she invested some money into these obviously fake tits.

Speaking for fake, I watched the Sopranos Series Finale at my friend’s house yesterday and didn’t understand what the fuck happened. Did he get shot, did he get arrested, did meadow get gang banged on her way into the restaurant. If you have any inside scoop let me know.

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