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I am – Mena Suvari in a Bikini of the Day


I have a feeling that these bikini pictures of Mena Suvari are old, but I know that they are new to the site because I checked my archives for once. I don’t really keep track of all the bikini pictures I see anymore because my brain is over-saturated and they all look the fucking same. I have a feeling that I have seen so many girls in bikinis that if I was to go to the beach, I will have sworn that I had already seen half those girls rockin’ the same bathing suit before. It’s not because I can predict the future, but because I think in bikini now. When people ask me questions about anything, my brain goes directly to all the bikini pictures I’ve seen before being able to answer them. The internet may have made me socially awkward, but all these bikini pics have made me stupid. People say you can’t get too much of a good thing, I think you can. I have a few friends who have died from drug overdoses. I know a few people who went broke because of hookers. I know a guy who ate so much chocolate cake that he ended up having a heart attack at 30 and this one dude I knew loved unprotected sex so much that he got 4 girls pregnant at the same time and one of them gave him STDs. But since my life has little meaning, posting more bikini pictures, although making me look like a desperate loser who can’t meet real girls so I turn to the Internet to get any sort of impotent action, probably won’t kill me, but your chronic masturbation to girls with big foreheads in skimpy shit on the beach will. At least that’s the story I heard.

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