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I am – Coleen McLoughlin Bikini Pics of the Day


Her name is Coleen McLoughlin, she’s obviously not that famous because I have never heard about what she does. I have posted These Bikini Pics of her in the past, which means that the dudes who rock the message boards I steal my pictures from seem to care about her when she’s rockin a bikini….

I was out of town this weekend and not near a computer. It was me and the trees and beer and it wasn’t much of a holiday just more of a random adventure that wasn’t very adventurous. I came back to find emails from some people about a comment someone left posing as me that was dissing one of the sites I like. I generally don’t censor my comments, I don’t edit my comments, I barely even read my comments because I don’t really care about what you have to say. I know that people like HornyLohanWanker write creepy shit that has probably put me on the FBI’s list of sites to monitor and I still give him free reign.

Either way, I don’t dis other sites in my comments, I do it within posts because I am uninspired most of the time and if I am going to bother writing anything, I generally do it in a post. I do like somethings some people are doing out there and the site in question is one of those sites that I dig as far as celeb shit goes and I refer people to check him out if they want to know what’s going on in the world of celebrity.

That said, I didn’t rip into him, I didn’t say he was a third rate version of me, because my site sucks so hard that a third rate version of me would be some weird homeless dude with a calculator and women’s panties on. I don’t really appreciate whoever it was who pretended to be me, you’re an asshole. Ripping into people on the internet is what I do, so I am not going to be a bitch and cry about that, but next time try to do it with your own name, or with some fake name that you like, or with the handle Perez Hilton, or something. Just don’t pretend to be me because I have to deal with the backlash and I only like dealing with backlash to shit I actually wrote.

Here’s that bitch Coleen McLoughlin in a bikini. The pictures are dull but so am I, so it’s a match made in Internet heaven.

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