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I am – Demi Moore Nipples of the Day


Here are some pictures of Demi Moore running into her hotel in a see through shirt. We’ve all seen her tits in that Stripper movie of hers so I am surprised it’s taken her this long to expose the fake fuckers again. I don’t think nipples are a big deal and I don’t understand why I am considered porn for openly posting nipples, but Americans are pretty fucking conservative, and thanks to Demi Moore I am considered a Smut Peddler….

I was talking to some dude in the US Army this weekend while wasted on the campsite about banging older ladies. He told me that whenever he goes out drinking he tries to find the places where cougars hang out. He just likes the way they fuck better. He was going on about how young girls get all attached to his shit and one night stands with them take a bit of work and getting them to leave the hotel he happens to be at that day is always awkward. They get hooked to him and want to spend the day with him, where as MILFs just want to get the fuck out and back to their husband and kids or if they are divorced want to avoid any emotional involvement because their hearts have already been broken once and now they just want to cum…

I never really had that mentality, I always thought that old chicks were kinda gross, but I guess finding someone to make my bed for me and act like my mom would have been a good thing, but since my wife never gets out of bed, there’s no real need for that.

Either way, here are her nipples until the paparazzi companies email me demanding I take them down. So take it all in motherfucker…cuz this shit’s porno according to google.

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