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I am – J Love’s Big Boobs and Birthing Hips of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I don’t have a TV, but that’s not why I don’t watch Ghost Whisperer. I don’t watch Ghost Whisperer mostly for the same reason i never watched Party of Five: Jennifer Love Hewitt. I hate her acting, I hate her fivehead, and she makes me want to kick her in the face with steel toed boots. She must have bukkake’d it up with half the studio execs in Hollywood to still be working. Whatever credit she gets for growing tits so big they need some sort of pulley-system for support, she loses for the way she wears her hips. Like what are those jeans about–is she aiming to look like a pregnant pear? I envied her body so bad as a kid when i saw “I still know you ran over me last summer and now i will kill you,” but today, not so much. It is as if her mission is to model maternity clothes all the time. If she is knocked up, she won’t need a C section because bitch has birthing hips a tractor would have no problem passing through.

This post was shitty but I don’t care because I am hungover and I want food and all I got is kechcup and prescription drugs lying around. I am also still a little bothered because dude from last night was a perv and my vagina got no play, but that is why god invented batteries.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell


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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer is very pretty.’,:

  • sometimes, ghost whisperer is very scary specially when she see those ghots..*:

  • sometimes the episode of Ghost Whisperer gets a bit boring,`’