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I am – Model Belen Rodriguez of the Day

Belen Rodriguez

When I was a hooker I had a client who had me tie his wrists with a long rope of braided hair, bind his dick so tight in dental floss it turned purple, and scratch his ball sack hard while I fucked him. Twice he payed extra to duck tape my tits. I was never really comfortable with the scratching part–the guy was a bleeder, and you know, AIDS is a bitch. But he was a huge tipper, always brought his own dental floss, so I just dipped my fingers in alcohol when it was done, then moved on to the next John.

The point is i don’t think you should scratch or be scratched by anyone unless you have seen the printout of their AIDS/Hep test, even if its hard to get diseased that way. Unless they are paying you. I am no doctor, just a dumb slut with a bigger fear of blood than semen.

But you freaks would sell your kidney for the chance to scratch or be scratched by this slut until you came, even if she told you she was a walking flesh-bag of HIV. Meet Belen Rodriguez in Italian Pocketbook Magazine. Get out some Kleenex, you’ll need it.

Obediently yours,

Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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