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I am – Sophie Anderton at Some Fashion Show of the Day

Sophie Anderton

I’ve been trying to figure out to do in regards to this guy I have been dating on and off for the last little while. He’s alright and I like him, but I tend to get cold feet around the 2-3 month mark, because I like to have the option to just go fuck who ever I want to, when I want to (cause I’m a bit of a whore like that) and most guys just don’t understand that. They usually pretend like they are fine with it for the first little while, then all the sudden we have to start “talking” about things and the “future”. My future goes as far as what am I going to eat for dinner, and am I going to the bar tonight?

He also developed this annoying fucking habit of calling me all these cutesy names which I guess are some sort of terms of affection, but I don’t stay in relationships long enough to usually experience this type of shit.

This guy I know, a good friend and a self confirmed life-long bachelor, is telling me to get the fuck out and get the fuck out NOW. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as my one night stands, where I can just climb out the fire escape to freedom and never look back, my hair blowing in the wind. I made the mistake of not only giving him my phone number, but showing him where I live. Fuck.

Here’s Sophie Anderton. She understands where I’m coming from.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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