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I am – Jaime Pressly in a White Dress and Ruining a Wedding of the Day

Jaime Pressly

So you may have read in the stepLINKS yesterday that I am trying to figure out a way to ruin my friend’s wedding this Saturday, mostly because I know he doesn’t want to marry this bitch and is to chicken shit to say so. Some people emailed me in suggestions and I thought this one was quite clever, though I would have to practice peeing standing up, which when you are a girl, requires upper leg strength and excellent aim. Thats alot to master by Saturday

Bill S Writes:

You want to ruin it….. well then you should fuck the groom at the location of the wedding and then strip naked at the reception, on a table, preferably the one with the wedding cake on it and piss on the cake! 🙂 that should ruin the event

Here’s Jaime Pressly in a white dress that you can pretend is a wedding dress, since you are a virgin and will never get married anyways. Now print these out quick and go carry her over the threshold into your room to “celebrate your union” before your Mom comes up the stairs and asks you to drive her to afternoon Bingo.

Don’t forget the tissue, you don’t want to ruin that nice dress of hers.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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