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I am – Lily Allen Shops for Lingerie of the Day


There are girls out there who I just don’t want to see get fucked and one of those girls is Lily Allen. I am usually up for seeing anything with a vagina getting down with whatever they get down with, naked or half naked, but sometimes a girl turns me off so much that I filter them out of my mind.

Lily Allen is one of those girls and I don’t know why. I am sure I have banged way uglier chicks than her, but for some reason, when I look at her, I just think of her as some kind of a-sexual beast. To me she’s built like a Barbie with no genitals at all, so seeing her at one of my favorite lingerie stores buying what I assume is sexy lingerie reminds me that bitch does have sex, that bitch does have a vagina and that underneath her oversized fat chick clothes is a girl who just wants to be sexy and I hate every second of it. Shit’s totally giving me a mind fuck so to make you feel my pain with me, I am posting these pictures.

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