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I am – Amy Winehouse’s Dirty Underwear of the Day


I once knew a girl who never changed her underwear. She owned about 3 pairs and would always rotate them every couple of days. Every time I’d see her, I would ask her why she always wore the same fucking pair of underwear and she said because they didn’t smell. I always had a problem going down on her knowing that her shit was wrapped in what was pretty much the equivalent of a used tampon, but for some reason she didn’t smell and I was pretty perverted at the time so I didn’t let it bother me….

Amy Winehouse looks like the type of girl who probably doesn’t wash her underwear, she looks like she’s too busy getting high in a one bedroom apartment with her friends and only gets up to get more drugs. I guess when you are laying high in a pool of your own piss, changing your underwear isn’t your top priority, but the sad thing is that I’d still go down on her, just to see if I would come out of the whole experience alive.

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