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I am – Estella Warren’s Thong of the Day


This site is known for it’s cutting edge content, actually it is not known at all, but every time I post a picture of a celebrities thong, I feel like a total fucking virgin loser who actually hunts the internet for celebrity thongs, and that shit carries over to my everyday life. While I should be spending my time trying to seduce women into my van, I am instead sitting at home doing this bullshit. I think I would have been better off as a pornographer, at least that way I would have maintained some level of masculinity, instead of being the straight, boring, middle-aged mexican in the 25 and under homosexual and virgin club…but I guess I have no choice but to maintain and none of you want to hear my bitching, so here are some pictures of Estella Warren’s thong, because seeing underwear on a girl bending over in a store or parking lot in real life is the closest thing you’ve ever got to pussy, and since you don’t leave your house that often, reliving that moment here on some Canadian piece of shit model is pretty fucking awesome and I am really happy to have played such a pivotal role in your fucking useless day. Asshole.

Reality is that this could be of anyone, because I can’t see her fucking face so maybe getting spy pics of girls thongs and claiming they are celebrities is the next business venture I’ll take. These Estella Warren pics just inspired me…

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