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I am – Charlie Uchea Nip Slip of the Day


I am not posting this shit because I know who this slut is, I am posting it because she’s rocking a double tit slip in the same fucking night with the same shit, like a little left tit and a little right tit but not at the same time making me feel like she’s keeping

The reality is that Big Brother cast whores, because whores getting ratings, and without a bitch who is willing to fuck, get naked or whatever else they do on the show, they don’t have much of a fucking show. No one wants to watch a show about a bunch of people who get along, help each other out, spend their days reading, they want smut….and I do too…

I am wondering if It’s one of those chicken or egg situations, like was this bitch a whore before the show, or did the show strip her of all her dignity making her not give a fuck about being naked in public because she’s already been seen naked by the world and by world I mean the UK because that’s where this shit is from. If that’s the case, then we can only hope to seeing her sucking dick in public, masturbating in public, taking a dirty shit in public in the months to come…..she’s just getting warmed up with this tit slip shit.

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  • Natasha

    This bitch is the classic fuckin hood rat!! If you tak a close look at the picture on the right you will notice that no only is her nipple popping out her top, but she’s wearing jean shorts that are unbottoned and partially unzipped showing her panties. What a whore!!