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I am – Rihanna Fighting With Her Dress of the Day


Here are some pictures of Rihanna fighting with her dress to stay on, I like to believe that some fights aren’t worth fighting and this is one of them, but that’s only because I want to see her cans.

Speaking of fights not worth having, I was walking down the street and some drunk dude asked the time. The guy I was with told him that it was time to get a watch and dude went fucking insane. He started punching himself in the head and screaming about how he wanted to throw it down….we kept walking but the concept of a dude wanting to fight over shit I said in elementary school was fucking amazing….a fight I probably wouldn’t have fought, but this dude wasn’t having it….

Later that night, I was in a bar and had to take a piss, so I go to the bathroom and walk into some kind of man conference of 5 dudes pumping each other up to get pussy. One guy was screaming how the place is totally his seen and he’s going to get laid tonight and another guy was screaming how he loves pussy and they other 3 dudes were just going along with it, hitting each other and wrestling in the bathroom. One guy went on about how cool looking he was and how amazing he looked while his buddy was telling him how awesome he was. It was pretty much one of the gayer experiences of my life, other than when I was in prison. I wanted to tell them that they were going to fuck and that they were already at first base, which each other. But some fights aren’t worth fighting and I didn’t feel like getting gang raped in the bathroom by a group of drunk, testosterone charged closet cases….because they don’t think it’s gay to fuck each other, it just proves how comfortable they are with their sexuality and they usually try to be less gay by convincing some drunk college chick to join them in the fun for a gangbang…but when their buddy is getting sucked off by the slut, they are jerking off to the thought of being the one doing the sucking….

Reality is that they are probably people who read the site, because that’s how expect you to act in public and I found that thought pretty fucking depressing…like these Rihanna pics that don’t show no nipple.

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