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I am – Daveigh Chase Bikini Pictures of the Day


These are some pictures of Daveigh Chase, some 17 year old child star who is going through her slut phase in hopes of getting more work.

I didn’t know whether posting these was a good idea or not, because I have a feeling that you are a sex offender and that this may put you over the edge and make you do things I don’t want you to do. But reality is that this girl is 17 and in a bikini, it’s not like she’s sitting out with her vagina exposed giving herself a diddle, which is something you’d probably want to do, because that’s just the kind of guy you are. So that’s why I am posting it.

Reality is that the difference between 17 and 18 is barely there. 17 year olds go to bars, party, get drunk, get naked, have blowjob parties and all the same shit their 18 year old friends are doing. That invisible line that is defined by their birthdays is irrelevant and the reason why it’s no illegal to hook up with one in Canada, but you Americans are missing out on all the fun with the risk of Jail and all that shit that comes with hooking up with one. I am not saying that you should all pack your bags and move to Canada to park outside highschools to offer girls a lift home, but I am saying that if you were in Canada, that’s probably what you would be doing, if you weren’t too scared to leave your mom’s basement, which I highly doubt you’d ever have the confidence to do. It’s so warm and comforting to have you bed made everyday and your laundry done and folded for you and there’s always food in the fridge…why would you ever want to leave. Sure some people call you a loser, but they are just jealous with how good you’ve got it, and girls probably won’t want to bang you, but I don’t know if you should be so quick to blame your living situation, I am sure it has more to do with the fact that you’re just a loser in all facets of your life.

Here are those Daveigh Chase bikini pics, you fucking pervert.

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  • beezleblob777

    i’d stretch that beautiful divine tight ass up with my cock…ROUGH,DEEP and HARD!!
    cum all over her gorgeous face,
    and start all over again,only rougher,deeper and harder!!

  • I’d fuck her hard

    damn,this petite slutbag is hot!
    She has teenage slut written all over her,time for her to release a hardcore porn dvd wich shows her being brutally pounded in all 3 fuckholes and put it up on the internet as free download.
    Yes,these pics got me rockhard alright,time to rub one out

  • Dave

    hotter than hell!!! 😀
    her body is just perfect!
    perfect front and rear 😉

  • Shawn Kraus, MS

    Hmmmm….as asses go…that one is NOT that fine – I’d say a flawless “6”. Sorry, I’m not going to bullshit here and wax poetic about an (at most) average rump; not very shapley, kind of flat.

  • step-dad

    Too f’ing skinny

  • tod

    Da damb! her ass is almost perfect. this wasnt a modeling shoot obviously but if it were Im for sure that ass would look alot better. I am glad im divorced marriage is for idiots. Its a big playground now and its nice too see candy like this.