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I am – Taryn Manning at the Airport of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

I figured that since no one gives a shit about Taryn Manning and that she is the kind of famous person that is so famous no one’s ever heard of her, you know she is so famous that if she was spotted sitting next to you in a restaurant and you asked her to pass you the ketchup and she introduced herself as Taryn Manning, you’d still have no fucking idea who she was. That’s the fame that buys you a RAZR cellular that comes free with your cell phone contract and the kind of Fame that allows you to buy your poverty looking luggage at one of those bargain basement stores….and the kind of fame that allows you into Kid Rock’s home to borrow his pants.

The point is that I don’t think Taryn Manning is hot. She reminds me of an uneducated white trash mother who drinks, does meth and eats Kraft Dinner. But not the kind of uneducated white trash mother I like, you know the kind who dresses slutty and tries to sleep with everyone in the town because she’s lonely. Taryn Manning has that face of a girl who works the dinner or a factory or drives a truck or works for UPS and who doesn’t take shit from anyone. But rumor has it that people find her hot and despite those same people not realizing that they are gay cuz her name is manning and she looks like a man. I’ll still post the pics.

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