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I am – Sienna Miller’s Vagina Pictures of the Day


Here are some Sienna Miller frontal nudes from her movie about being a hippie. I don’t know about you, but the hippies I know rock serious fucking bush, none of the manicured bullshit that she’s got going on. I have always been a fan of bush, in theory, because bikini waxes are too fucking mainstream and I like to see a girl go against what’s popular, but the problem is that most girls with bush are either lazy, don’t fuck or are tree hugging dykes.

I got this email from a reader today:

well i started growing my bush, for you, obviously, because everyone else i try to tell about this thinks im gross, and i have really straight hair, like asian people straight and i fucking hate those asians, but anyway, i wanted my bush to go POOF right, no. its goes down. i now have pussy bangs.

I thought it was funny that my one reader is a chick and that she’s willing to grow her bush out for me. It makes me feel like she’d probably lick my asshole with shit still in it and I guess this kind of power makes me feel like some kind of important celebrity type that groupies run up to to bang when they see them out in bars. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case with me, and this girl is probably in her 40s, hates her life and has a weight problem but at least she made the effort to make me feel like she’s actually doing something so dirty for me, even if she never sent a picture to go along with it.

Either way, here’s that Sienna Miller Pussy, that’s probably seen more cocks than you have and possibly more cocks than my 84 year old prostitute friend who’s been doing this suckin’ dick money shit for over 6 decades, but I’d still like to bounce quarters off the shit, even if I’d have to hit the streets and beg for change, because quarters are pretty much my life savings and I don’t think Jude Law’s sloppy seconds are worth my life savings, but with other people’s money, I am totally down because let’s face it, her junk’s not as meaty as most pussy out there, and meaty pussy is about as sexy as sucking on a fucking scrotum.

I don’t know what I am talking about, look at the pics.

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  • i love asian girls they are so hot

  • James

    why is that bastard up top hatin asians I am 1 and if u hav a fukin problem with that il fuking kill u fukin prick what r u white.

    Oh no ur a white person, yeah SAP coz white is the perfect colour fukin slag!