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I am – Victoria Beckham's Posh and Spicy Sheer Top of the Day


I am slow fucking moving today, I am not sure why but I’ll blame it on the rain because it worked for Milli Vanilli until everyone realized that they should have actually blamed it on having no talent, that way there would have been so many less repercussions when the world found out that it wasn’t them singing their songs and they were just Britney Spearsing the shit. But I guess that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Spice Girl Victoria Posh Spice is wearing a semi-sheer top and you can kinda make out her nipples if you look hard enough. This shit is like a magic eye poster that I could never get to work for me, no matter how long or cross-eyed I stared at the shit for maybe it’s more like getting off to scrambled porn because blue distorted women on the screen getting fucked is better than no women on the screen not getting fucked if you know what I mean, which you do because you lost your virginity to yourself watching scrambled porn in the 90s.

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