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I am – Uma Thurman See Through Dress Picture of the Day


So Uma Thurman was at some fashion event and decided to show up in some see through dress and you’re not complaining because it’s been a while since you’ve seen a nipple in the flesh, and this is almost the next best thing, but not really because you are still sitting at home alone in front of your computer, crying on the inside.

I am just teasing man, I don’t want you to kill yourself, but I do know a few people who should probably kill themselves and one of them was this dude I saw the other day having a fucking fit because a dude let his dog piss on his grass. The guy came out of his house screaming and started throwing fists at the dude with the dog and I just stood about 10 feet away watching and laughing because I like watching problems unfold before me, like I am watching TV, even though it was real life. I also went to a bar the other day and wanted to know how much the tequila was, and the bitch just looked at me like I wasn’t even in the fucking place so I moved in on her and asked her if she could speak or if she was just a mute bitch because I could tell she was stupid but didn’t realize she was that stupid, she wasn’t impressed so I moved onto 2 fat chicks who were dancing and asked if they were professionally trained, because that’s my pick up line, feel free to use it. They were doing the running man and had about as much rhythm as my dick coming in and out of erection, which isn’t very much. Either way, they tried to snob me out so I decided to introduce every fucking dude who walked into the place to them like they were famous until they got their boyfriends and friends to come after me and get physical, but not Olivia Newton John physical, I’m talking trying to rough me up….

Either way, here’s Uma Thurman’s tits in a dress that is fashionable to me because it’s see through and I am still waiting for all clothes to be see through. I know you like her because she was Kill Bill and that shit’s as close as movies get to being a comic book and you relate well to comic books.

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