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I am – Hoping that Sarah Michelle Gellar Didn’t Get it from Her Momma of the Day


Here’s an obvious post, but worth everyone’s attention, because that whole Will.I.Am shit is hitting the radio harder than I hit my kids. I don’t actually have kids, but the song is about having a hot body like your momma or some shit and it is annoying, but everyone always says before marrying a chick, take a close look at their mother because that’s what you are in store for. I guess Freddie Prinze Jr. didn’t get that life lesson in riding off your dead dad’s fame school or maybe he did but ignored it because marrying bitch was a career move than one from the heart but I am just hoping that Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t get her from her momma, because she looks like a fucking troll and trolls have limited sex appeal. Either way Freddie Prinze Jr. is in for a fucking ride and by ride I mean the throwing up part of amusement parks and not so much the fun part of them, which is obviously pickin’ up teenage sluts, because the only girls your age who go to amusement parks are on lame dates with lame dudes who have already exhausted taking them to dinner and movies and every other cliche idea he saw in Romantic Comedies when researching pussy.

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