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I am – Draw Your Vagina and Describe it in 10 Words or Less of the Day


There was a time when this site was a lot less celebrity shit, but no one cared about me harassing girls on myspace and making them famous, or my interviews because they were too long to read, or whatever else I used to do but don’t remember because my memory is fucking shot. I’ve been into straight vodka the last 3 months because my doctor told me that 300 pounds is too heavy and that I will die if I keep gaining my 10 lbs a month and that I need to cut out beer. Now the fun thing about vodka is that shit goes down like water and I can drink about 12 drinks in no time, but once shit hits, it hits me like a ton of fucking bricks all at the same time and I don’t remember conversations I have or stupid shit I do and now that memory loss is working its way into my everyday life. Sometimes I forget to piss when I have to and end up making a little mess that i am too lazy to clean because it always seems to clean itself up on it’s own and I feel like taking my time into something that’s pretty self-sufficient is counter-productive.

Either way, a reader found my stepBOX feature and decided to submit. For those of you who don’t know, I did this shit because girls wouldn’t send me pictures of themselves naked so I’d ask them to draw it. It’s like the Vagina Monologues the picture version and it’s funny to see how people view their genitals. If I was to draw my box and describe it in 10 word or less, it would say “my vagina looks like a penis the size of a clit”. Fuck. That was 11 words. I am not good at this, but then again, I am not good at much, but this girl is because we all like one-finger vaginas more than 2 finger vaginas because they feel better on our clit-sized penises. Cuddles.

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  • I don’t want to talk about any vaginas or penis. What do you expect by that? -Alexis-