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I am – Sarah Harding at some Lingerie Store Opening of the Day


Here are some pictures of Sarah Harding doing the Paris Hilton at some store opening, because I guess when you’re some washed up popstar from the UK, Paris Hilton seems like some kind of success story that’s making all the right moves, so bitch goes out and does her hair like her, and shows up at events and poses like her, and even has the wonky eye shit going on, when all she really needs to do is take the free lingerie she gets from hosting this shitty Mall-lookin’ event, and make a fucking video for us all to dance to and by dance I mean masturbate, like I used to do to her shitty UK pop music, it just touched me in all the right places. But that was a long time ago, when masturbating was the only thing I had going for me…and now God’s even taken that away from me.

Speaking of loss, I know that girls aren’t as influenced by Paris as they were a few years ago because she’s old. Now they are all doing the Soulja Boy dance, when 5 years ago they were saying “that’s hot” and weren’t wearing underwear while suckin’ off their boyfriends on video. It’s kinda sad to have lost that too. I guess what it comes down to is that the world is a cold dark place but at least we still have our tears to cry with…

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